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Dear Renate Ferro, Tim Murray, Simon Biggs, and Patrick Lichty

Thank you for the invitation to unlurk for a moment. However I would not consider myself a lurker. I have not participated very observably because perhaps a. I did not feel qualified to comment on the matter at hand, or b. I had not the necessary time and leisure to formulate a response a participation in a way I felt would contribute to the discussions, c. since I don't know any of you outside of this list there is some personal motivation and allegiance still to be cultivated .  When you are silent online you are blank, that's the way it is, but there are all manner of eddies and ramifications going on, and empyrehas passed through me into my local network conversations where I do not lurk.   

In high school I wrote poetry, acted, played piano, played with the computer, I thought I would be a computer programmer, but became a filmmaker instead.  But it was the age of video, not film, and my work has revolved around the question of the difference, what is the difference between film and video. This has brought me back to computers, to networks, through dance and performance, more music more video more movement, bones, muscle, bristle, gristle.

Right now I have several jobs (McLuhan would say 'roles'): artist, curator, performative thinker, director, archivist, tinkerer (hard & soft), writer, facilitator, counter-producer, venture communist, et.c.

some recent "indie" projects:
mimeolography old book (wait for second edition)
related "labour theater"  http://www.mpa-b.org/4/post/2012/05/call-for-100-participants-with-or-without-performance-experience-biographical-chronicle-of-industrial-production-may-27th-exrotaprint-wedding.html

I have been remiss at getting back to Johannes about body language a while back... but I haven't forgotten. 

very best


On Jun 3, 2013, at 5:21 PM, Renate Ferro wrote:

> ----------empyre- soft-skinned space----------------------
> Thank you Melinda for starting out the month of June on -empyre-.
> Here is a bit more information on an all call to all subscribers to
> -empyre-  We are looking forward to hearing from all of you.
> An Archival Event: Who is –empyre?
> From our website:
> -empyre- is a global community of new media artists, curators,
> theorists, producers, and others who participate in monthly thematic
> discussions via an e-mail listserv.
> -empyre- facilitates online discussion encouraging critical
> perspectives on contemporary cross-disciplinary issues, practices and
> events in networked media
> Noting -empyre- soft-skinned space’s passage through its tenth-year
> anniversary, (January 2012) we have been spending time cruising
> through the layered archive of posts during that time.
> http://lists.cofa.unsw.edu.au/pipermail/empyre/
> -empyre- has grown from a small organic collective begun by Melinda
> Rackam to a large international listserv, now with over 1600 members.
> One of Melinda's brilliant moves was to link the list serve to
> software that automatically archives each post for future access --
> this was quite a prescient feat a decade ago.
> As we have been thinking of interesting ways to mark the passage into
> the next decade, as -empyre- continues to morph and grow in the
> environment of Web 2.0 (now clearly with many, many more lurkers and
> passive participants than active interlocutors), we thought it might
> be nice to take a moment to archive the projects of our members.
> This is an open invitation to all of our subscribers.  We invite you
> to submit a post with:
> 1) a brief bio, with contact information
> 2) a two-paragraph description of your practice, current/recent
> projects, or writing or curatorial activities
> Thanks to all of you.
> Renate Ferro, Tim Murray, Simon Biggs, and Patrick Lichty
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