[-empyre-] The "Fourth Wall".

Joseph Delappe delappe at unr.edu
Fri Mar 15 12:42:18 EST 2013

In reading Johannes Birringers post, a couple of thoughts.  I too wonder about Machinima, game mods and "cosplay" in relation to tearing down theater's "fourth wall" if one applies this concept to gaming cultures?  Are "users" truly empowered as "makers" by undertaking such activities?

Further, in the realm of "games and revolt" or "games of rebellion" I think on the larger issues surrounding "serious games" or critical, interventionist activities in games.  What are the efficacy of such efforts?  Is this measurable?  Do games or actions that "raise awareness" simply go after what might be considered the "low hanging fruit" of political art (as noted here http://artisticactivism.org/2012/10/an-open-letter-to-critics-writing-about-political-art/_)

Joseph DeLappe

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