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I was the moderator of a discussion in -empyre last year about the
resilience in the city and the discussion branched out in so many wonderful
discussions, Benjamins Passagenwerk, tango texts, skin patterns, urban
tribes, nomads and flaneurs.
When Second Life come out it was very promissing, an endless landscape you
could do what you wanted in :)
The landscape was soon habitated by copies of Venice and Rome, Le
Corbusier's buildings and empty shopping malls offering rendered objects
made in sweatshops where people worked in often the same bad conditions of
a maquila in the border Mexico-US.
Universities builded campus, big enterprises outsourced marketing and sales
to SL, countries etablished ambassades (Sweden, where I lived at that time,
was one of the first (if not the first at all) to have a real virtual
But SL was so boring, so perfect, so lifeless, so full of perfection, so

I dream about games where the cities and the screen are the same when you
can play when you go when you work when you go to meet friends and where
the realms of the real and of the dream became the same, I wish imperfect
games, full of flaws as life is.
I dream about games when you act in, when you are a part of the decor, of
the plot, when your friends and foes merge and interact.


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> On 3/6/13 3:17 PM, Claudia Pederson wrote:
>> I am just back from a talk on videogame interventions at Haverford, where
>> I spoke about game interventions online like forms of nomadism (as advanced
>> by Hakim Bey, and Deleuze and Guattari). The questions were, what is next?
>> what frameworks are of relevance to the development of videogames with a
>> activist agenda beyond the "public sphere"? how does the anti-industry
>> stance of videogame activists intersect with other movements in the awake
>> of Occupy and the Arab Spring? (I am posing this question to all
>> discussants)
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