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James Morgan james at factorynoir.com
Sat Mar 16 17:32:56 EST 2013

Anna is a brilliant game designer. The piece she did for the Oakutron  
(Alex Kerfoot and Mars Jokela) was a brilliant piece of engineering, an  
arcade cabinet on wheels and battery operated, the game that Anna designed  
for Occupy Oakland: http://www.auntiepixelante.com/keepmeoccupied/ is  
brilliantly crafted for the public venue.

1) it takes a minute to play
2) it is two player coop
3) players labor helps future players

I had the distinct pleasure of pushing the Oakutron around during Zero1.

Beyond her amazing abilities as a designer, she believes that everyone  
should make games about things that are relevant to them and their lives  
(or just make games period).

Her game about the hormone therapy she underwent as part of her gender  
reassignment surgery also was very well recieved:  

On Thu, 14 Mar 2013 09:38:57 -0700, Claudia Pederson <ccp9 at cornell.edu>  

I too I'm interested in the work of Anna Anthropy and I just spoke about
her project with Occupy Oakland, the OakUtron, a mobile arcade game made
for the move in day in January 2012, which is a good example of the
intersections between the movement here and the indie gaming world, which
is really exciting precisely because of its account of the situation at
hand, the occupation of the Kaiser building with the aim of transforming
the abandoned building into an occupy center.



Anything that can be made, can be made black.

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