[-empyre-] Week 4: Introducing Guests: George Karalis (US), Anne Marie Schleiner (US)

Claudia Pederson ccp9 at cornell.edu
Sun Mar 24 04:17:36 EST 2013

Dear all, with the last week of our discussion upon us, I like to introduce
our last two guests.  Welcome George and Anne Marie, looking forward to
hear from you.

Anne-Marie Schleiner is engaged in gaming and net culture in a variety
of roles as a cultural critic, curator, anti-war activist, and gaming
artist/designer. She has taught at universities and artist workshops
and participated in art residencies in Germany, Belgium, Spain and
Mexico. She has exhibited in international galleries, museums and
festivals, more recently the Body in Women’s Art Now at London’s Rollo
Art and the New Hall Art Collection, University of Cambridge. She
teaches game design in the Communication and New Media Program at the
National University of Singapore in South East Asia and holds a
doctorate in Cultural Analysis from the University of Amsterdam.

George Karalis is finishing his degree from Cornell University in the
College Scholar Program for interdisciplinary studies. As a College
Scholar his honor’s research has woven the areas of new media and film
theory, software development and game design.  In this research he
explores 3D sound environments in digital games.  In addition to his
written thesis, he is developing a digital game in order to put his
research concepts into practice. Currently code named "Square Waves,"
the two-player cooperative game requires one player to face away from
the screen and navigate the virtual 3D environment by only listening
through headphones.
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