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Hello to all - nice to participate this first week of May in a discussion on
the balancing act between artistic activism and "real time alliances"Šor, as
I understand it: the ³wicked problem of designing for social change" ?
(Ritter, early 70¹s!)

The projects of our association, Concert-Urbain, based in Paris, are at the
frontier between design and social work. Our software development,
prototypes, ateliers, shows, conferences, have been enabled by the French
government. Exceptionally motivated functionaries have helped us with
budgets, ateliers, reports from the field. They have been our business
angels in the launching of an ³art-start-up².

In France, government policies contribute extensively to innovation in the
arts. The policies reflect the programs of thousands of citizen's
associations, some run by activists in what is called here ³l¹education
populaire², ie, schooling for the people by the people (the movement is
vast, at the heart of France¹s social fabric).

Our design challenge includes interlocutors at every level of society. This
entails a special kind of salesmanship: choosing modest words to describe
what you want to do as an artist;  adapting technology to existing
educational methodologies; answering questions others have asked; getting
elected officials to define and then accept the risks digital technologies
might represent for them; saving face when no one answers the call to
participate... The negotiation process is long-term, with changing
interlocutors as time goes by. It is painstakingŠand sometimes just a royal
pain. It also brings esthetic breakthroughs of particular significance to an
artist working with digital technologies.

I have several examples of collaborations and collective initiatives that I
can share with you. Each raises different issues:

1. A collective fiction, with a chat space at its core: carried by officials
in the city of Troyes who wanted to bring city employees and citizens
together around a shared ³multimedia² project.

2. Measuring utopia: an art project on the subject of happiness, with a
methodology that involves an alternative approach to data-base design. Our
main partner: the CIRASTI, a federation of associations to engage kids in
scientific projects.

3. An urban renewal initiative by the Conseil general du Val de Marne, that
includes an on-line debating platform designed to include those who suffer
from intellectual disabilities. It is linked to the "participatory design"
of neighborhoods by including inhabitants
(see http://www.maitrisedusage.eu/).

More on its way throughout the coming week,

Carol-Ann BRAUN
Association Concert-Urbain

le  04/05/13 06:37  Renate Ferro  rtf9 at cornell.edu wrote:

> ----------empyre- soft-skinned space----------------------
> We are most grateful to Ana Valdes for agreeing to guest moderate the
> May discussion with Tim Murray and myself and welcome her back to
> -empyre- as a guest moderator.  We also wish to thank Erin Manning who
> has agreed to make the transition from last month's discussion to this
> month highlighting The Sense Lab.  Erin will be making a few posts
> specifically about her own experiences with collaboration.  She will
> be joined by Carol-Ann Braun.  Biographies for Week One guests are
> below.  We look forward to the month with you.
> Tim Murray and Renate Ferro
> Week 1:
> Erin Manning (CA) is a philosopher, visual artist and dancer, and is
> currently a University Research Chair at the Faculty of Fine Arts,
> Concordia University, Montreal. She is also a founder and director of
> The Sense Lab, an interdisciplinary laboratory on research, creation
> and an international network focusing on intersections between
> philosophy and art through the sensing body in motion. Erin Manning
> received her Ph.D. in Political Science at the University of Hawaii
> (2001) and has been teaching philosophy, political theory, visual
> studies, cultural studies, and film theory. She is a member of the
> editorial board for the online journal Inflexions and the author of
> works on movement and ephemerality, for which she frequently
> collaborates with Brian Massumi.
> Carol-Ann BRAUN (US/FR) is a Paris-based American artist who has been
> working with digital technologies since 1985. Her work ranges from
> still images to animations to interactive immersive text-based
> environments (inner-media.org). Closely affiliated with the Atelier du
> CUBE (lecube.com ), she has extended her artistic practice beyond
> esthetics to include ³social media². The first prototypes involved
> chat spaces as a search engine.  This led to the design of polling
> technology (http://cie.acm.org/articles/braun-phones-kids/). Last
> month Concert-Urbain launched a poetic polling platform on the subject
> of happiness: lebonheurbrutcollectif.org. The project¹s intention is
> to find contribute to defining new criteria for measuring the
> ineffable nature of happiness...It will be gathering momentum over the
> next three years. The Ministry of Culture and the Region Ile de France
> have taken a particular interest in ³Le Bonheur Brut Collectif, ²
> which is also being followed by a research team at the CNAM
> (Conservatoire National des Arts et Metiers), Paris.
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