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Thanks Brian and Erin for your input! I don't think activism is dead but
it's indeed taking new shapes, the "indignados" in Spain, the Occupy Wall
Street, the crowds in Tahir Square, it's more the swarm in Negris and
Hardts acceptions than the small enlightened groups from the 70:, Baader
Meinhof, Brigada Rossa, ETA, Tupamaros.
I think activism is going back to basics, grassroots, anonymous, more
difficult to controlate and manipulate.
I think the paradoxe is we act individually but react as a collective...

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> On 05/11/2013 05:25 PM, Erin Manning wrote:
>> I would be interested in hearing more about this, and perhaps discussing
>> how we work across precarity. We are here wanting to think beyond the
>> scenario outlined by thinkers such as Bifo, who call for the end of
>> activism (the end of the act) in the face of neo-liberalism's continued
>> privileging of action.
> If we could go from the singular act to the collective stand, it might
> make a difference.
> There is a gap nowadays between collective pragmatics and singular
> potentials. The former look bad: every kind of resource seems, on average,
> to be in declining availablity. But the latter can only look good: with
> skill, good will, intelligence, luck and maybe even funding, potentials can
> always be overshot, and it's another little miracle.
> Hyperactivity seems to be the correlate of the ontological impossibility
> of collectivity. This is not a stiuation for which I have the answer.
> However I am moving right now, and as I talk with people in different
> places, this is the question that returns.
> quizically, Brian
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