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Dear <<empyreans>>,

beyond the representational order of the many (multiple rather than 
multiplicity) and one (individual rather than singularity) there is the 
job of building and experimenting with the transcendental, as Deleuze 
would qualify, /in a certain way/. Erin and Carol-Ann acknowledge their 
sodality in this task of activist experimentation not their solidarity. 
If such experimentation increase activism and itself in activism it is 
of another order than the representational and /in a certain way. /In 
other words, rather than determinate, determinant becoming by way of 

Representation may bear the transcendental this debt but to the 
opposite, that which the latter owes the former, only the barest minimum 
belongs: poverty, precarity and vagueness are the only gifts anyone 
needs because this uncertainty, insufficiency and haphazardness are the 
way certainty proceeds. So what enables you to travel to a new world is 
an absolute minimum luggage limit from the old.

Simon Taylor
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