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Brooke I loved your rethoric question:

I teach collaboration too and just a few days ago during final
presentations saw the power of bringing people together who do not know
each other well -- or at all-- for a common cause or, as Paul notes, shared
agendas. I pair groups of students to make media work for non-profit
organizations in Westchester, a pro-bono approach with a participatory
design bent. But I guess I am left wondering why collaboration is to this
day is still seen as unusual or something special in art practice and art
education and not the modus operandi? Now we are going to study
individuality ... the methods of and reasons for working alone!!

I agree totally with you and wonder why all artist educations

are headed to educate artists as "entrepreneurs", as they were

heads of an unipersonal enterprise with only them as contracted.

I think that's the problem when you try to create the idea

artists and writers are "professions" as doctors, podologists,

architects, dentists or other.

The writing educations grow as swamps, the "creative writing" is now

an accepted part of the curriculum in many of the world's universities

but do we have seen the growing of a talented writing group

of people equivalent to all who are being educated as writers or

do we see the same amount of people writing without any

academical education?

My point is: we are evolving from the concept the artist or the writer

as gifted by God and part of an elite to another myth:

the artist or writer as part of a corporation, skilling them in

selling of their own works, marketing it and publishing it.

I think collaboration is nearly mandatory today if you want to make
changes and leave a trace in the world we live into.




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