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marc garrett marc.garrett at furtherfield.org
Thu May 23 19:49:40 EST 2013

At the moment suffering from Gastric flu -- which has been extremely 

It is also a busy period for us such as being involved in the recent 
show at Furtherfield that deals with Drone technology - 'Movable 
Borders: Here Come the Drones!' http://alturl.com/c5d9y

And a workshop that happened last Saturday on the subject of drones 
'Movable Borders: The Reposition Matrix Workshop', organised by Dave 
Young - http://alturl.com/a4w9p

The other thing is, we got 2 DOS attacks on the Furtherfield site last 
week which we can only suspect is due to the politics of the present 
show, but it's hard to tell. But, this also held me back from doing 
things due to dealing with things on the server -- all dealt with 'for now'.

Also, we have McKenzie Wark giving a talk at our space this Saturday 
http://alturl.com/5gxmf (in the park http://alturl.com/t2etp) about his 
new book 'The Spectacle of Disintegration - Situationist Passages Out of 
the 20th Century'.

I will send in my next post some thoughts regarding -- Collaboration, 
community, DIWO etc…

Chat soon.




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