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Dear Alonso+Craciun,
Thank you so much for introducing yourselves and also for the links to
other collaborative teams/collectives.  Ana recommended your work to
us; I know she is a huge fan. One of the topics of our discussion
earlier last week revolved around the issues of both language and
cultural translation. Could you comment about both? I am not sure
which of your projects have been actualized in other parts of the
world  but if you could address perhaps some of the successes and
challenges you have had in working across language and culture
barriers. I have snipped and pasted a couple of the exchanges we had
for the sake of continuity.  I guess I revisit this topic because your
web presence is in spanish.  There are a few links on the web in
translation particularly:
Welcome to empyre and thanks for being our guests. Renate

     Renate wrote to Brooke: <snip>
     You mention that working between individuals or groups where
tensions reside can prove
     challenging but rich. Obviously there can also be not only
conceptual tensions but also language
     miscommunications caused by translation or the unavailability  of
translation. Can you guys talk
     about any language barriers and how you handled that especially
during the proposal when you
     used Skype and Google Docs. Or perhaps everyone was bilingual?

     Can anyone else talk about their experiences in working in
between two or more languages? ...

     Brooke responded: <snip>
     But the language differences are not as memorable to me as the
cultural differences I learned and
     how that impacted our production/implementation.

    And Ricardo responded <snip>
    I acted as the translator/bridge between Brooke and our Spanish
    collaborators.  More than once Brooke was furious at me for
    mistranslation or simply dropping key points (translation can be
    exhausting).  In the end, the translation came through the work.

On Tue, May 28, 2013 at 12:17 PM, alonso craciun .
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> Hello Empyre,
> We are alonso+craciun collective, a duo project from Uruguay.
> We work in projects linking art, architecture, thoughts and social practices. Since 2004 we have been working in several artistic projects, in various formats such as installation, presentation, photography, video, publications, objects, actions and workshops. We have tried to establish relations with cultural public institutions, educational institutions, with citizens who make actions on common areas of the city, with artists whose critical thinking dialogues from conflict and others absolutely indifferent to the daily rhythms. These relationships, approaches and discussions have generated and contributed to generate different events in the public sphere and an artistic production that seeks to contextualize and belong to the complex world in which we live.
> In our last project "Modos de Hacer Colectivo" (Ways of Doing Collectively) which is actually happening now in cities of Uruguay (Paysandú, Rocha, Tacuarembó). We work around the notion of collective art and how this practices can dialogue with critical practices, militant practices, activism, and reflexing about the word we are living. We are showing some works from us and some others from collectives and artist we have invited. We are also developing workshops with High Schools studemts across the city mapping different situations.
> Pictures and Spanish texts available here:
> http://formasdehacercolectivo.wordpress.com/
> we would like to introduce the work of some collectives.
> CRAC (chile) http://www.cracvalparaiso.org/?lang=en
> La Darsena (argentina) http://plataformaladarsena.blogspot.com/
> Iconoclasistas (argentina) http://iconoclasistas.net/
> Grupo Stalker (italy), here their work with the rom community  http://vimeo.com/20351544
> Thanks and greeting from the south,
> --
> www.alonso-craciun.net
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