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Johannes Birringer Johannes.Birringer at brunel.ac.uk
Wed May 29 03:56:44 EST 2013

dear all

i think we can teach virtuosity, and you can teach irony, usefully;  I do like the 
"modos de hacer colectivo" , and many insights learnt here, very usefully indeed from 
Carol-Ann's association concert-urbain and her politics of working with people in
the neighborhoods - 

Ana, is this what you also refer to as a collaborative environment
(in the activist sense you imply or the political geographies you mentioned, not the interactive-art sense), neighborhoods/conflict zones?
and then these would be outside academia, and academia's or philosophy's language games?  or how are they represented
here or there, in various interrelated arenas, to what extent is education now again part of theological or corporate business management?

how would an idea of non-collective (since the collective is utopian - and modos de hacer colectivo are difficult to sustain?) activism relate back to Cecilia's "private politics" (& public secrets)
and to what extent are you positing an older political activism vs a newer activism, and to what purpose?      yet Ricardo's narration on EXCEDENTES/EXCESS  & "Carrito Mermas"  or Paul Vanouse's pedaling intrefventions and then the discussion about language difficulties were very effective too, thanks to all of you for these posts. 

Cecilia Parsberg writes:
I regard activism as an open definition and it's defined in the project by the project itself; by what is made or achieved in regard to the purpose, the initiative and response, process, situation/site/relations.

Admirably, like Brooke Singer in her postmedium post,  Cecila speaks of making images with others rather than of others or the self  (though that, too?), and Simon in his usual and wonderful sarcastic sense picked up on this, when he asks us here why we are not collaborating. Why everyone is so self-affirming. 

Please expand on "What has happened is an evaporation of critical object".... 

Johannes Birringer

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