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Lisa's post regarding the importance of the centrality to convergence of the specificity of location provides a nice framework for closing out this month's international discussion.  While we have shared many common conceptualizations of convergence as it relates to practice, time-based imagery, and related discussions in theory, we also have had our attention directed to articulations of very specific practices and events of convergence, from Korea and UAE to Brazil, UK, and North America.  Most fascinating to us has been the shift of conversation when differing site specific conversations converged, as between Korea and Brazil, UAE and US, as well as the fascinating pressure points as theory and its geopolitical application have shaped the discussions, whether of Brazilian alternative spaces, the Busan International Film Festival, or online artistic expression that traverses geographical space.  

We would very much like to express our deepest thanks to this month's featured guests, and we hope that you all will remain active as participants in the -empyre- community: Youngmin Kim (KR),  Isak Berbic (BiH / US), Alex Taek-Gwang Lee (KR), Lisa Patti (US), Gabriel Menotti (BR), Ken Fiengold (US), Dale Hudson (US / UAE), and 
Malcolm Levy (CA).

We'll soon be introducing November's lineup for a discussion of "Documenting Digital Artivism."

All our best wishes, 

Renate and Tim

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Building on Tim's observation about the legibility of the "spaces of production" in electronic art, it seems important to recognize the centrality of specific locations to the discussions of convergence that have unfolded over the past month. Whether describing emerging geographic configurations or new screen environments, convergence preserves traces of specific geographic or spatial coordinates.  I look forward to considering these ideas further in relation to the new work that others have shared in recent posts.


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