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We welcome three moderators to -empyre soft-skinned space, Selmin Kara,
Patrick Keilty ad Camilla Mehring.  They have rounded up a hearty list of
guests this month and we are anticipating a lively discussion, "Documenting
Digital Artivism."

We first met Patrick and Selmin a couple of summers ago when they attended
the School for Criticism and Theory at Cornell.  We are very happy that
they have agreed to organize this online discussion spawned from their
collective work with Camilla.  Welcome and we look forward to the month.
While I list the moderator's biographies below, Patrick will be posting the
introduction soon with all of the guests biographies in their entirety.


Moderators: Selmin Kara (Canada), Patrick Keilty (Canada), Camilla Møhring
Reestorff (Denmark)

Selmin Kara is an Assistant Professor of Film and New Media Studies and a
co-chair of the colloquium series in media studies and research,
ProprioMedia, at OCAD University in Toronto. Originally Turkish, she
received her BA and MA in Istanbul, Turkey, and PhD in Detroit, Michigan.
She has critical interests in the use of digital technologies, tactical
media, and sound in documentary as well as post-cinematic aesthetics and
new materialist approaches in film. Her work has appeared in "Studies in
Documentary Film" and "Poiesis: A Journal of the Arts & Communication," and
the "Oxford Handbook of Sound and Image in Digital Media."  Selmin is
currently co-editing a journal issue on "unruly documentary artivism" and
working on her monograph “Reassembling Documentary: Sound and Image from
Actuality to Virtuality,” which proposes a modular and assemblistic
framework for understanding documentary practices in the age of networks.

Patrick Keilty is Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Information at the
University of Toronto, and teaches in the Bonham Centre for Sexual
Diversity Studies there. His writing examines and critiques feminist and
queer engagements with digital technology, particularly focusing on visual
culture, database logic, metadata, existential phenomenology, and sexual
desire. He is co-editor of Feminist and Queer Information Studies Reader.
His monograph project, provisionally titled Desiring Database Logic:
Embodiment and Electronic Culture, engages the question of how our embodied
engagements with labryinthine qualities of database design mediate
aesthetic objects and structure sexual desire in ways that abound with
expressive possibilities and new narrative and temporal structures.

Camilla Møhring Reestorff is Assistant Professor in the Department of
Aesthetics and Communication, Aarhus University and honorary research
fellow at the Department of Culture and Communication, University of
Melbourne. She has conducted research on nationalism and the intertwining
of art, activism and politics in the Danish ‘Culture War’. Her publications
include work on contemporary cultural politics and political art, e.g. in
Globalizing Art. Negotiating Place, Identity and Nation in Contemporary
Nordic Art (Thomsen and Ørjasæter 2011), fictionality as a rhetorical
strategy (Andersen, Brix, Kierkegaard, Skov, Stage and Reestorff 2013) and
unruly artivist practices, e.g. “Buying Blood Diamonds and Altering Global
Capitalism. Mads Brügger as Unruly Artivist in The Ambassador” (Reestorff
2013). Her primary research focus is mediatization, art, artivism and
cultural participation.


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