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Ebru Yetiskin yetiskin at itu.edu.tr
Wed Nov 27 10:53:30 EST 2013

Dear All,

As one of the invited discussants of November's topic,
"Documenting Digital Artivism", firstly, let me thank Selmin,
Patrick and Camilla for initiating this debate.

By experiencing Gezi Resistance, we, as curators, artists and academics
based in Istanbul, have faced with many challenging questions about
media practices, memory and archives in the techno-political context.

One of the major events, which brought together three artists, Burak Arikan,
Ali Miharbi, Nicolas Malevé; a curator, Joasia Krysia; and an academic,
Jussi Parikka, was in the area of software art, archive, and media
"Save As: Social Memory."

These are the main discussion questions that were dealth with in this event:
- How can we preserve the software itself along with the content it
- In what way should we consider software itself as the creative archive,
*arche*, of our digital culture?
- What new archival practices does technology-based art and culture
- How do software, social media, and network practices introduce a sphere
of counter-representation which curate alternative narratives of the

In this event,  the topics of archiving the present as we live, algorithmic
curating in crisis, critical collective intelligence, and language of
technology as a thinking tool were in focus.

For those who are interested with these issues, here is the link, where you
can find more info:

Here is my article after the event: "Farklı Kaydet: Yeni Medya, Toplumsal
Bellekler ve Başka

Within a few days, I also would like to share with you the conceptual
discussion of the video exhibition that I am curating, entitled
"Cacophony", which will be launched tomorrow at Acikekran New Media Art
Gallery in Istanbul.


*Phd, Sociology*

*Lecturer / Art Critic *

Istanbul Technical University
Institute of Social Sciences
Taskisla Campus
34437 Taksim - Istanbul

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