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Welcome to the October discussion on  –empyre- soft-skinned space:
Moderated by Renate Ferro (US), and Tim Murray (US) with invited
discussants Youngmin Kim (KR), Alex Taek-Gwang Lee (KR), Gabriel Menotti
(BR), Dale Hudson (US, UAE),  Isak Berbic (BiH/US), and Lisa Pati (US), and
Ken Feingold (US)

Welcome to the October discussion, “Convergence: expanding time-base
media”. This month we invite special discussants whose interests reflect
the dramatic changes that time-based imagery has undergone since the
beginning of this century. A recent trip to the Venice Bienniale and our
upcoming presentations at the 18th Busan International Film Festival Forum
http://forum.biff.kr inspired us to think about how new media and
technology, video, television, performance, design, the fine arts, and
humanities have transformed the expressive scope of the moving image.
Globally time-based media and its screening possibilities have expanded our
understanding of the global reach of film/media arts.  This
cross-disciplinary investigation is designed to challenge us to comprehend
how the screen arts has influenced our understanding of culture and
society, and how cultural knowledge and experience reside in both the
material and theory of the moving image.

Renate Ferro  (US) is a conceptual artist working in emerging technology
and culture. Most recently her work has been featured recently at The Freud
Museum (London), The Dorksy Gallery (NY), The Hemispheric Institute and
FOMMA (Mexico), The Janus Pannonius Muzeum (Hungary), and The Free
University Berlin (Germany).  Her work has been published in such journals
as Diacritics, Theatre Journal, and Epoch. She is a co-moderator for the
online new media list serve -empyre-soft-skinned space. Ferro has been a
Visiting Assistant Professor in the Department of Art at Cornell University
teaching digital media and theory since 2004. She also directs the Tinker
Factory, a creative research lab for Research Design, Creativity, and
Interdisciplinary Research.

Tim Murray (US) Tim Murray is Curator of the Rose Goldsen Archive of New
Media Art, Director of the Society for the Humanities and Professor of
Comparative Literature and English at Cornell University.
Managing Co-Moderator of -empyre-, he sits on the Executive Committee of
the Humanities, Arts, Science, and Technology Advanced Collaboratory
(HASTAC). Author of Digital Baroque: New Media Art and Cinematic Folds
(Minnesota 2008) and Zonas de Contacto: el arte en CD-ROM (Centro de la
imagen, 1999), he is completing two books on Virtual Archives and Media Art
in Asia, and editing volumes on Jean-Luc Nancy and Xu Bing.

Weekly Guests:
YOUNGMIN KIM (KR)has been teaching literatures in English and critical
theory at the Department of English since 1991. He is Professor of English
at Dongguk University, Seoul, Korea. He has been researching and writing
books and articles on modern and contemporary
Irish/Canadian/English/American poetry and literature, Lacanian
Psychoanalysis & Culture, Film, and Literature; Critical Theories including
Poststructuralism, Postmodernism, Postcolonialism, Trans/Posthumanism,
Transnational and Transcultural studies, Teaching on the Web, Translation
and Intercultural Studies.

He was Visiting Professor at Cornell University (1998-9) and Sapporo Gakuin
University (2009 Fall) in Japan, and the Visiting Scholar at the University
of Virginia at Charlottesville (2007-8, 2011 Winter). He had served as the
Secretary General, Vice-President, Editor and President of the William
Butler Yeats Society of Korea. He gave lectures and seminars at Yeats
International Summer School. He was Secretary General, Vice-President,
President of The Korean Society of Jacques Lacan & Contemporary
Psychoanalysis. He was the Secretary General, Vice-President, and President
of the ELLAK (English Language and Literature of Korea), and now the
Editor-in-Chief of Journal of English Language and Literature. He has been
serving until now as the conference committee member of the IATIS
(International Association for the Translation and Intercultural Studies),
and the representative and Vice-Chair of the IASIL (International
Association of Study for Irish Literatures). He was named in 2013 as the
Vice-President of The IAELC (International Association of Ethical Literary
Criticism) in China.

Alex Taek-Gwang Lee (KR) I am a cultural critic and associate professor in
Kyung Hee University, Republic of Korea. I obtained MA in philosophy from
University of Warwick and PhD in Cultural Theory from University of
Sheffield. I write on fine art, popular culture, continental philosophy,
psychoanalysis, politics and contributes to various journals as well as
newspapers. My research interests are mainly philosophy, Asian cinema,
Lacanian psychoanalysis, politics and popular culture. I regularly appear
on radio and TV shows for debating political and cultural issues. My
publication includes Theory After Althusserianism, Futurism, The Obscene
Fantasy of Korean Culture, Nationalism as a Sublime Object, Deleuze as
aTheatre of Philosophy, This Is What Is Called Cultural Criticism, The
Impressionists, Framing a Witch, etc. I am an editorial member of English
Language and Literature, of Theory and Criticism Journal, of Literature and
Cinema Journal and of Gwangju Biennale Journal NOON. I organized The Idea
of Communism Conference in Seoul with Alain Badiou and Slavoj Zizek.

Gabriel Menotti (Brazil, 1983) Gabriel Menotti is an independent curator
and lecturer in Multimedia at the Federal University of Espírito Santo
(UFES). He is the author of Através da Sala Escura (Intermeios, 2012), a
history of movie theatres from the perspective of VJing spaces. Menotti
holds a PhD in Media & Communications from Goldsmiths (University of
London), and
another from the Catholic University from São Paulo. He has published
work in a number of research journals and books, as well as contributed to
international events such as the São Paulo Biennial, Rencontres
Internationales Paris/Berlin/Madrid and the Transmediale Festival.

Ken Feingold (USA, 1952) received his B.F.A. and M.F.A. degrees in
“Post-Studio Art” from California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, CA.
 He has been recognized as an innovator in the field of interactive art
fifteen prior years of making films, video art, objects, and installations.
His early interactive works include The Surprising Spiral (1991), JCJ
Junkman (1992), Childhood/Hot & Cold Wars (1993), and where I can see my
house from here so we are (1993-95) among others.  His work Interior (1997)
was commissioned for the first ICC Biennale '97, Tokyo; Séance Box No.1 was
developed while in residence at the ZKM Karlsruhe during 1998-99, and Head
(1999-2000) was commissioned by the Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art,
Helsinki for the exhibition "Alien Intelligence" (Feb-May 2000). Since 2000
he has developed a body of “cinematic sculptures” - objects and
installations which include artificially intelligent animatronics and,
frequently, moving images. He has taught moving image art at Princeton
University and Cooper Union, among others, and he is also a licensed
psychoanalyst in private practice. His works are in the permanent
collections of the Museum of Modern Art, NY; Centre Georges Pompidou,
Paris; Kiasma, Helsinki; ZKM Center for Art and Media, Karlsruhe, and

Isak Berbic (BiH / US) (b.1983) is a photography, moving image and
performance artist from Sarajevo. As Yugoslavia dissolved and Bosnia was
under attack, he and his family became refugees, moving through Croatia, a
refugee camp in Denmark, eventually receiving asylum in the United States.
Isak Berbic studied Photography at the University of Illinois at Chicago.
In Chicago, he practiced art, worked in theater, and art directed a
political community magazine. From 2007-2012 he was based in the Middle
East, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, where he taught at the University of
Sharjah. In 2012 he joined the faculty at Stony Brook University (SUNY),
Art Department. His research deals with social histories, politics,
tragedy, memory, humor, exile, and the limits of representation. His recent
artworks investigate the overlaps of documentary and fiction in relation to
the visualization of contested politics and contested histories. Isak
Berbic is now living and working in New York. http://www.isakberbic.com/

Lisa Patti teaches in the Media and Society Program at Hobart and William
Smith Colleges. She received her PhD in Comparative Literature with a
concentration in Film and Video from Cornell University.  Her current
research explores the global distribution of cinema and television through
new media platforms, focusing on the circulation of multilingual cinema.

Dale Hudson Dale (UAE/USA) is a media theorist, critic, and curator.  He
teaches film and new media studies at New York University Abu Dhabi
(NYUAD), curates online exhibitions for the Finger Lakes Environmental Film
Festival (FLEFF), and serves on the preselection committee for the Abu
Dhabi Film Festival (ADFF).  His work appears in journals including
Afterimage, American Quarterly, Cinema Journal, French Cultural Studies,
Journal of Film and Video, Screen, and Studies in Documentary Film, as well
as in anthologies.  His book-in-progress, "Blood, Bodies, and Borders,"
analyzes transnational and postcolonial vectors of U.S. history through the
political economies of film.  He has also reviewed films, exhibitions, and
books for journals including Afterimage, African Studies Review, Jadaliyya,
and Scope.


Renate Ferro
Visiting Assistant Professor of Art,
(contracted since 2004)
Cornell University
Department of Art, Tjaden Hall Office:  306
Ithaca, NY  14853
Email:   <rferro at cornell.edu <rtf9 at cornell.edu>>
URL:  http://www.renateferro.net
Lab:  http://www.tinkerfactory.net

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