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Welcome to Week 1 “Convergence: expanding time-base media” and to our
special guest this week, Youngmin Kim.  We do welcome Youngkim warmly as we
owe the inspiration for this month's topic to him.  Youngmin has invited
Tim to give the keynote address at the upcoming Busan Film Conference <
http://forum.biff.kr > held in conjunction with the 18th International Film
Festival in Korea this week.  I will be participating on a panel entitled
Film, Design, and Convergence. Throughout the first and second week of this
discussion we hope to post regularly from Busan.

Additionally our discussion was inspired by the recent work we saw at the
Venice Biennale. Digital time-based media seeped though not only the main
pavilions of the Giardini and Arsenale but throughout many of the pavilions
in the city of Venice.  Some were high-budget cinematic spectacles while
others were obvious documentations from real-life. Our broad question this
month asks the question not only how new media and technology have expanded
the scope of the moving image but how the convergence of other
cross-disciplinary venues including video, television, performance, design,
the fine arts, the humanities and even science morphed not only the
technical aspects of production but also how it is streamed, received, and
theorized globally. .

We look forward to this month’s discussion.  Renate and Tim

Week 1  Guests:
YOUNGMIN KIM has been teaching literatures in English and critical theory
at the Department of English since 1991. He is Professor of English at
Dongguk University, Seoul, Korea. He has been researching and writing books
and articles on modern and contemporary Irish/Canadian/English/American
poetry and literature, Lacanian Psychoanalysis & Culture, Film, and
Literature; Critical Theories including Poststructuralism, Postmodernism,
Postcolonialism, Trans/Posthumanism, Transnational and Transcultural
studies, Teaching on the Web, Translation and Intercultural Studies.

He was Visiting Professor at Cornell University (1998-9) and Sapporo Gakuin
University (2009 Fall) in Japan, and the Visiting Scholar at the University
of Virginia at Charlottesville (2007-8, 2011 Winter). He had served as the
Secretary General, Vice-President, Editor and President of the William
Butler Yeats Society of Korea. He gave lectures and seminars at Yeats
International Summer School. He was Secretary General, Vice-President,
President of The Korean Society of Jacques Lacan & Contemporary
Psychoanalysis. He was the Secretary General, Vice-President, and President
of the ELLAK (English Language and Literature of Korea), and now the
Editor-in-Chief of Journal of English Language and Literature. He has been
serving until now as the conference committee member of the IATIS
(International Association for the Translation and Intercultural Studies),
and the representative and Vice-Chair of the IASIL (International
Association of Study for Irish Literatures). He was named in 2013 as the
Vice-President of The IAELC (International Association of Ethical Literary
Criticism) in China.


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