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I'm sorry that our travels back from Korea have delayed my response to your very interesting post of last week.  Although I'm the one who seemed inadvertently to catalyze a dialectical distinction between spectacle and politics, I did so simply to highlight an observation about the programming at Busan.

We're hoping that empyreans will pick up on the threads in the past two weeks to dialogue on your important point about developing practices of media arts that derive from emergent cultural configurations (you mention Indignados/Occupy, from the Mediterranean, from indigenous movements around the world) as well as from more 'conventional' theoretical ones, such as Menotti's mention of the Brazilian infatuation with Rancière and Didi-Huberman (although he mentioned this in passing so I'm uncertain of the context of this infatuation -- since I don't see the French visual theorist Didi-Huburman, coming much more from art history as part of this mix).  

While I personally am very comfortable with bringing these differing tradiitons in dialogue with one another (indeed, some would say it's almost impossible not to), I'm wondering if the particular alternative practices in Abu Dhabi mentioned by Dale doesn't perform precisely this kind of theoretical/cultural/artistic convergence (the apparent lack of which stimulated my initial response to the Busan Festival).



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