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We have enjoyed our month off and have used the time to rest, recuperate and soak in the environmental luxuries of upstate New York.  We have been traveling extensively including a pretty amazing trip to ECNU in Shanghai, China.  However, it has been nice to relish in the fact that home is indeed a restful retreat and we are charged up for the new season of -empyre.  We hope you are as well.

At this time we would like to introduce Adam Nocek.  We met Adam this past April in Syracuse, NY where Greg Lambert hosted the inaugural meeting of the Society for the Study of Bio-political Futures entitled: Life In-Between-Outside Discipline and Control. It was at that meeting that we approached Adam about hosting this special discussion: BioArt: Materials, Practices, Politics.

A bit of bio for Adam: Adam J Nocek is a PhD candidate in the Comparative Literature Department and instructor in the Comparative History of Ideas Program at the University of Washington. His work focuses on the relation of living systems to various forms of visual (cinema, animation, architecture) and biotechnological mediation. In 2012 he was a fellow at the Biological Futures in a Globalized World Consortium, a project jointly sponsored by the Fred Hutcheson Cancer Research Center and the University of Washington. Nocek has published essays on architecture, aesthetics, biotechnology, and speculative philosophy.  Along with Phillip Thurtle, Nocek is co-editing a special issue of the journal Inflexions, entitled Animating Biophilosophy (Fall 2013), as well as co-editing, along with Nicholas Gaskill, a collection of essays on the philosophy of Alfred North Whitehead, entitled The Lure of Whitehead (Minnesota 2014).

Thank you Adam for shepherding this month. We welcome Adam and his guests.

Renate (and Tim)

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