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Adam Zaretsky emu at emutagen.com
Wed Sep 4 22:37:53 EST 2013

Thanks Adam N. for having a mind meld on these topics. Good crew! Off the
top, Bioart is living-materials-first in my addled brain. No offense to the
object oriented animism of listmania but tinkers and tailors of life feel
the experience differently than illustrators. The use of biomedia for
aesthetic projection is the ethico-political stake we wield. The blood on
the hands is part of the sacrificial rite, neh? That being sort of put out
there bare, I am more interested in the debate being started in terms of the
potentials for positive declension in the moulding of populations.

I have to say that optimism in biopolitics, even in terms of techno-breeding
for novel feelings, is not a total ruse. A trajectory from Charles Fourier,
to Willhelm Reich, to Buckmister Fuller, not to mention the Bronx cheer of
Charles Fort, trace the potential for a river of amorous flows. But can we
really limit the emphasis on the work of the negative in Foulcault to that
of a gore hound, netcasting for yet another Gilles de Rais? We have to
remember that philosophy is caught up in the industrial confessionary. We
may be parrahesiac cheerleaders, spreading liturgy for liturgy¹s sake, but
the toying with fascism is just an armchair away from the radiation's leak.
Mayr's migrating populations shower us with difference, but population
genetics is being marketed as a post race identity politics for those in
need of a new origin story from which to promulgate neo-superiorities (see
http://www.ancestry.com/). In terms of affirming affirmation, to distort et
echo Cary, I can only find it through that deep ecospheric indiscriminacy
that Rob mentioned.

Is the work of the positive to posit a function of the organism,
orgasmically in optimismÉ in every direction? I hope so. Life is
uncontained, oozing revelry and consuming lewdness. A snail-like acting is
wet and slap-happy and on itÕs way. This is the question of affirmation. Can
we be all accepting. This is a more systemic question, which should be
looked at a variety of magnifications: The Panspermic Cosmos, The 'Gaia at
Werk' Planetary Organism, Populations/Variations/Migrations/Meshing, The
Crust Operas of Vitality (Spartan/Hedonism of Being inCorporate), The Organs
without a Body (BatailleÕs Big Toe), The Selfish life of Cells, Subcellular
Congeniality (hanging out on the sofas of the Endoplasmic Reticulum,
alternative conformating).

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