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nik gaffney nik at fo.am
Mon Sep 23 23:38:42 EST 2013

On 19/09/13 07:32, Phillip S Thurtle wrote:
> Thus I'm mostly interested in the pragmatics of specific circuits of
> power. In some of its formulations, experimentation is one of the ways
> that we can "ping" these relationships to see how they form, congeal,
> and change. (This needs to be accompanied by the realization that
> every experiment is neither fully a construct or an unvarnished window
> on nature.) Consequently, experimentation is a process and not an act.
> One needs to continually change how one holds one's self in
> relationship to the future. Nik put it as the "change 'statement of
> intent' if required and repeat".

Some further exploration of process and experimentation from our recent
"Biochymickal Arts" workshop;


ongoing, repeating, diverging,..


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