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Hi all,

Once again, a terrific discussion this week. I'd like to extend a big
thanks to Adam Z,  Phillip, Nik and Maja for their contributions. I know
there are still a lot of loose ends -- especially, on the nature of
experiment, process, and pragmatics in relation to the "Biochymickal Arts"
workshop (which I encourage you to look at!)-- so please continue

This week I'd like to welcome Luciana Parisi to  -empyre-   Luciana and I
will be considering how bioart might be extended to new and exciting

Here is short bio for Luciana:

Luciana Parisi is Senior Lecturer/Convenor of the PhD in Cultural Studies
at Goldsmiths, University of London. Parisi’s research looks at the
asymmetric relationship between science and philosophy, aesthetics and
culture, technology and politics to investigate potential conditions for
ontological and epistemological change.  Her work on cybernetics and
information theories, evolutionary theories, genetic coding and viral
transmission has informed her analysis of culture and politics, the
critique of capitalism, power and control. During the late 90s she worked
with the Cybernetic Culture Research Unit at Warwick and has since been
writing with Steve Goodman (aka kode 9). In 2004, she published Abstract
Sex: Philosophy, Biotechnology and the Mutations of Desire (Continuum
Press), where she departed from the critical impasse between notions of the
body, sexuality, gender on the one hand, and studies of science and
technologies on the other. Her work engaged with ontological and
epistemological transformations entangled to the technocapitalist
development of biotechnologies, which un-intentionally re-articulated
models of evolutions, questioning dominant conceptions of sex, femininity
and desire.  Since the publication of Abstract Sex, she has also written on
the bionic transformation of the perceptive sensorium triggered by new
media, on the advancement of new techno-ecologies of control, and on the
nanoengineering of matter.  She has published articles about the relation
between cybernetic machines, memory and perception in the context of a
non-phenomenological critique of computational media and in relation to
emerging strategies of branding and marketing. Her interest in interactive
media has also led her research to engage more closely with computation,
cognition, and algorithmic aesthetics. Parisi’s latest monograph,
Contagious Architecture. Computation, Aesthetics and Space  (MIT
Press,2013), reflect these concerns.

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