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Yes, thanks Tim! And I look forward to our discussions at HASTAC. I
certainly hope that these platforms are not a THERE but a HOW, not as Kevin
puts it, a ""Terra Nullius" waiting to be conquered" but rather another
means of transcending the boundaries and separations (linguistic,
territorial, disciplinary etc) imposed by colonialism.

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> Thank you Tim and all for hosting us this week.
> One issue I think the dialogue between Gabriela and Diana calls attention
> to is the matter of the technical or disciplinary "platform." The appeal
> of a fresh, self-contained, "intuitive" and user-friendly space for new
> exchange has been persistent in both technology spaces and in
> interdisciplinary ones. In our weekly lab meeting this week for the Seeing
> Systems group, where we watched tweets go by onscreen for the annual "Day
> of DH," scholar Prita Meier pointed out the similarities of DH today to
> Visual Studies in the 1990s. In both cases, we see scholars wondering
> about the liberatory potential offered by an expanded field.
> Scalar's appeal as a potentially fruitful new space for scholarship
> hearkens to both the technical and discursive connotation of the term
> "platform." In reality, as Gabriela suspects, the software requires that
> we bring a great deal to it - of knowledge, preparedness, and time -
> something not all constituencies have.
> But what is this dream of a platform, and how might we critique the
> desires manifest there in light of history and theory? Is the notion of a
> platform another "Terra Nullius" waiting to be conquered, a set of
> questions to be explored, or a basic set of conditions and potentials akin
> to rights? We could say more here, and others have in the area of Software
> Studies at least. For now I just wanted to leave us asking this question
> as we prepare to gather in Lima for more reflective conversations on the
> potentials of DH as not only transdisciplinary but transnational.
> - Kevin
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