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hi, sorry for the silence. i am preparing more material ref brazil
to post between tonight and tomorrow. follow a picture of the
gambiológos exhibtion alreayd mentioned. one of the nicest visions of
refunctioning of old equipment that i can remember of:


Em 18.04.2014 19:18, Timothy Conway Murray escreveu: 

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> Hi,
Everyone. Sorry that travels have delayed my introduction of our
featured guests of the third week of our discussion of Critical Making
> International Contexts. First, Renate and I would like to extend
> gratitude to Calin Man (Romania), Michael Simeone (US), Joyce
> (US) and Victoria Szabo (US) who lent their critical voices
to our
> discussion. We also deeply appreciate Denisa Kera's posts from
Cina and
> are hoping that we might benefit from an additional report
from her about
> making in the context of Asia. I might mention that
this week's -empyre-
> discussions were the subject of discussion at
yesterday's conference at
> the University of California Davis,
"Publication Mismatches: Is There a
> Common Currency for Academic
Credit?" organized by Mario Biagioli, Jim
> Griesemer, and Allison
> As we gear up for the HASTAC meetings in Peru next week,
we're looking
> forward to continuing their thoughts with Week Three's
special guests, all
> of whom we are looking forward to seeing in Lima
for HASTAC Peru:
> Elizabeth Losh (US), Jentery Sayers (Canada), Nina
Belojevic (Canada),
> Shaun Macpherson (Canada), Katielynn McQueston
(Canada). Welcome to the
> discussion, all. We are anticipating a
fascinating week under your
> activation, which Renate and I will be
moderating from Peru where we
> travel at the beginning of the week.

> Elizbeth Losh isDirector of Academic Programs, Sixth
College and Director
> of the Culture, Art & Technology Program
> at the
University of California, San Diego. She has been an important
> voice
of the HASTAC Digital Media Learning blog and studies media
> history,
institutions as digital content-creators, the discourses of the
"virtual state," the media literacy of policy makers and authority
figures, online political activism for human rights, electronic art
> uses
> hacktivism, and the rhetoric surrounding regulatory
attempts to limit
> everyday
> digital practices. Liz has published
articles about digital literacy, citizen journalism, videogames for
> military and emergency first-responders, government websites and
> channels, state-funded distance learning efforts, national
> libraries,
> political blogging, congressional hearings on the
Internet, and the role of
> gender and sexuality in technoculture.
Jentery Sayers is Assistant Professor of English and Director of the
Maker Lab in the Humanities (maker.uvic.ca) at the University of
> His
> research is anchored in applied media studies, and his
current book
> project (a
> cultural history of magnetic recording) is
under construction with
> University
> of Michigan Press. He's been a
member of HASTAC since 2008.
> Kaitlynn McQueston is a 2014 MFA
candidate at the University of
> Victoria in Visual Arts. Her work
focuses on labour and the urban
> landscape as
> it relates to
technology and power. She has showcased her work in galleries
> across
Canada including Montreal, Toronto, Edmonton and Victoria. She's
> had public shows in alternative spaces such as bank vaults,
boulevards and
> alley
> ways. She is working as a research assistant in
the Maker Lab under Jentery
> Sayers. Kaitlynn is one of the 2014 HASTAC
> Shaun Macpherson is an M.A student in English and
Cultural, Social,
> and Political Thought at the University of Victoria.
A former HASTAC
> scholar,
> his research focuses on the impacts of
physical computing and everted
> networked
> technologies on
subjectivity. He works at the Maker Lab in the Humanities
> and
> at the
Pacific Centre for Technology and Culture, where he is the editorial
assistant for CTHEORY.
> Viola Lasmana is a PhD student and Dornsife
Doctoral Fellow in the English
> department
> at University of Southern
California, as well as a USC Transpacific Studies
> Graduate Fellow. She
received her master¹s degree from San Francisco State
> University, and
her bachelor¹s degree from the University of San Francisco.
> Viola
works in the intersections of digital humanities, American and
> literatures, postcolonial studies, and theories of the
archive. She is also
> particularly interested in the generative
potentials of the theory and
> practice
> of remix for both scholarship
and pedagogy.
> Thanks for weighing in, everyone.
> tim
Timothy Murray
> Professor of Comparative Literature and English
Director, Society for the Humanities
http://www.arts.cornell.edu/sochum/ [1]
> Curator, Rose Goldsen Archive
of New Media
> http://goldsen.library.cornell.edu [2]
> A D White
> Cornell University,
> Ithaca, New York 14853
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