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During this last week of our discussion, Critical Making in International Networks, many of our guests are convening in Lima, Peru for Hastac 2004, we welcome four featured guests on empyre: Fiona Barnett, Zac Zimmer, Viola Lasmana, and Vivian Fritz Roa.  
We look forward to their posts and  we encourage all of our guests from last week and those previous to post freely.  
Renate and Tim

Fiona Barnett is director of HASTAC Scholars and a Ph.D. candidate in the Literature Program and Women's Studies at Duke University. For the past five years, she has been the Director of HASTAC Scholars, an award-winning annual program for over 200 interdisciplinary graduate students around the world. She has overseen the community of emerging scholars and has developed dozens of highly-viewed topical forums on topics such as new media art, race and queer theory in the digital age, and the future of pedagogy. She is a founding member of the #transformDH collective and continues to develop scholarly projects at the intersection of queer theory, race studies and the digital humanities. Her dissertation project, Turning the Body Inside Out, is a critical genealogy of the desire to see the inside of the body through the practices of autopsy, imaging technologies, biometrics and forensics. In 2013 she was named as a Future Leader of Higher Education by the Association of American Colleges & Universities.

Zac Zimmer–assistant professor of Spanish at Virginia Tech and faculty affiliate with the Alliance for Social, Political, Ethical, and Cultural Thought (ASPECT) and Science and Technology in Society (STS)–received his PhD from the Department of Romance Studies, Cornell University. His research explores questions of literature, aesthetics, politics, and technology in Latin America.
His current project, tentatively titled First Contact, is a comparative study of Latin American science fiction and narratives of the sixteenth century conquest of the Americas. Previous publications on contemporary Argentine literature, utopia, post-apocalyptic fiction, and the commons have appeared in The Journal of Latin American Cultural Studies, Latin American Research Review, Chasqui, Modern Language Notes, Transmodernity, and Revista Otra Parte.

Viola Lasmana is a PhD student and Dornsife Doctoral Fellow in the English department at University of Southern California, as well as a USC Transpacific Studies Graduate Fellow. She received her master’s degree from San Francisco State University, and her bachelor’s degree from the University of San Francisco. Viola works in the intersections of digital humanities, American and Indonesian literatures, postcolonial studies, and theories of the archive. She is also particularly interested in the generative potentials of the theory and practice of remix for both scholarship and pedagogy. 

Nelly Researcher and Chilean choreographer, Vivian Fritz Roa, currently resides in France.  (Vivian will be represented in English by fellow Seuil-Lab member, nellytodorova.). She took up dance at the University of Chile.  she is a professor of art and has studies in digital photography at the Pontificate Universidad Católica de Chile.  Creator of Acontraluz, a contemporary dance and educational experiences lab in Chile (pierre Teilhard de Chardin School, 1997-2006).  Ms. Fritz has collaborated in creativity and research projects between Chile, Colombia, Spain and France.  She has taken courses in dance and the use of images at the University of Strasburg (2010-2013).  Founder and Director of project Seuil-Lab (Umbral Lab), which is an experimental laboratory and artistic collective, with the use of new technologies.   She is a member of the European Doctoral School.  She was awarded a scientific scholarship from the Conicyt (Chile-France) and theCollege Doctoral Europeen (France) to work on her thesis:  “Dance and new technologies, towards unpublished/unprecedented forms of choreographic creation” 

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