[-empyre-] in solidarity--an open call to our subscriber list

Renate Ferro rtf9 at cornell.edu
Sat Dec 6 04:13:37 EST 2014

Hello to our -empyre-subscriber list.  Tim Murray and myself are
eagerly anticipating our discussion on the list serve this month.  We
have decided to do a bit of an impromptu discussion inspired by the
recent events in Ferguson and New York City over the past week though
realizing that other social and political events and movements such as
in  Iguala, Mexico and  Hong Kong  may provide an important
opportunity for all of us to devote a month  in solidarity.  Tim and I
have just arrived in New York City.  We are right now just a few
blocks from Time Square and Rockefeller Center where thousands marched
last night.

Our monthly discussion Social Media/ Social Justice will feature a few
guests over the next three weeks but we are hoping that all of you
will feel free to post about this issue.  We are reaching out  to all
of our global subscribers and not just those in the western
hemisphere.  We are hoping that our subscribers will consider and
respond to the moment but also critically look at the relationship
between social media in the broad sense and political movements.

Our Introductory post will follow this.
In solidarity.  Renate Ferro and Tim Murray
from New York City


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