[-empyre-] Social Media Use across Campaigns for Social Justice

Timothy Conway Murray tcm1 at cornell.edu
Thu Dec 11 03:48:24 EST 2014

David, you make a fine point about the dangers of separating media, social
justice, and power. In making your closing distinction between
'advtertising' social media and 'scholarship,' perhaps you might like to
explain you scholarship on social media and how it pertains to the topic
of this month's discussion.  I believe these are the directions that
Ruhal, Richard, and Ricardo are moving us toward.

Many, many conversations have occurred on -empyre- over the years about
"power" and "injustice" per se (indeed, that was pretty much the gist of
last month's discussion relating to ISIS), but we're hoping to focus the
conversation more specifically around the new medial parameters of the
-empyre- community.  Your reflections on the danger of celebrating or
isolating media from power constructions also does just this.  Thanks.


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