[-empyre-] new -empyre- posting e-mail address

Timothy Conway Murray tcm1 at cornell.edu
Wed Dec 17 02:22:54 EST 2014

Hi, everyone,

You probably received a denial of access message if you tried
to post something in the past day.

Here's the explanation:

The -empyre- list has two hosts.  Cornell University, in Ithaca, New York,
hosts the homepage and front end at the URL empyre.library.cornell.edu .
In addition, the listserv software and archive is hosted by the College of
Fine Arts 
(COFA) at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia (where
-empyre- was founded by Melinda Rackham in 2002).  When you post
something, it goes to our email address at COFA.

It turns out that COFA just changed its name to: UNSW Art & Design.
Yesterday, they changed our
email address to reflect the name change.

If you would like to post something, please send your post to this new
address:  soft_skinned_space <empyre at lists.artdesign.unsw.edu.au>

Once -empyreans- start using this address, you should then be able to push
'reply' to
a posted message and your post will go directly to the list (as
previously).  But if you wish to reply to any post that arrived in your
mailbox prior to this moment,  please use the new address.

We'll update you further if there are other changes.


Tim and Renate   
Co-Managers, -empyre-

On 12/15/14 7:32 AM, "Harold Wells" <shadoof at mac.com> wrote:

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