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Michael just a quick question.  Do you have a quick link to the
Post-Digital Research Group?
and their publications?

Perhaps you did that it your into and I missed it?

On Sun, Feb 9, 2014 at 1:44 PM, Michael Dieter <M.J.Dieter at uva.nl> wrote:

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> Something else I want to ask about.
> This is the definition that the Post-Digital Research group settled on
> for their publication:
> "Post-digital, once understood as a critical reflection of "digital"
> aesthetic immaterialism, now describes the messy and paradoxical
> condition of art and media after digital technology revolutions.
> "Post-digital" neither recognizes the distinction between "old" and
> "new" media, nor ideological affirmation of the one or the other. It
> merges "old" and "new", often applying network cultural
> experimentation to analog technologies which it re-investigates and
> re-uses. It tends to focus on the experiential rather than the
> conceptual. It looks for DIY agency outside totalitarian innovation
> ideology, and for networking off big data capitalism. At the same
> time, it already has become commercialized."
> I'm curious about the emphasis here on the experiential, rather than
> the conceptual. Why emphasize one over the other in this way? What
> works or practices did the group have in mind? In a weird way, this
> description actually reminds me of something like relational
> aesthetics.
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