[-empyre-] empyre Digest, Vol 111, Issue 9 (Domenico Quaranta, Ethel Baraona Pohl)

Mathias Fuchs mathias.fuchs at creativegames.org.uk
Thu Feb 13 19:51:47 EST 2014

Thanks Domenico and Ethel, I enjoyed reading your suggestions and 
understand your positions.
My question is: Is there a way for new forms of hybrid publications of 
dealing with the fact that books are not only dissemination platforms 
for knowledge, but books are used in performative contexts like those:
- I apply for a job and want to put a printed book on the desk of the 
interviewers (I do not want to recommend to them that they can download 
the .pdf)
- I read a book on a train or in a coffee house and enjoy the ensemble 
of paper quality, varying lighting situations, coffee stains on paper 
that remind me of something, ...
- I have to convince a sponsor for a project that I did some serious 
research in the past - via a book of mine -and know that he will not 
read the book or any document on lulu, link or dpr.
In other words: what are your strategies to increase the culturally 
connotated paratext of the hybrid publications?
Or maybe you think this will come anyway?
Thanks Mathias

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