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roger malina rmalina at alum.mit.edu
Sat Feb 15 12:56:18 EST 2014

mathias, domenico et al

have been lurking on this discussion but the recent
discussion on hybrid publication and performance
has perked my interest

the way that professionals document and perform
their work has steadily evolved, adapted, innovated
over the past centuries. It is hard to imagine today
how professionals in thirty years will be documenting
and performing their work.

In my own field of physics and astrophysics, the
standard from in the nineteenth century was letters
and performative lectures to ones colleagues with experiments

here at the university of texas at dallas we are about
to start a radio station for professionals to do podcasts
about their publications and artistic works- this foregrounds
techniques of rhetoric that many are not trained to do

we have an initiative which i call Experimental Publishing and
Knowledge Curating- we have initiated a series of ebooks
with podcasts at mit press

there are i think separate issues of the form and format of
documenting our work as professionals but also new forms
of knowledge curation- the citizen science and other movements
give us inkling of collective curation activities that go way beyond
the concept of peer review- but that somehow the good stuff rises to
the top and the less interesting stuff at a given time sinks into
peripheral vision- this foregrounds curation as a technology
of attention

roger malina

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