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"Even in its nascent form, maybe virtual reality will change our definition
of what’s “real” in the first place."

Hi all, I am enjoying very much Alan's words (and of course I also
appreciate the others who are making him talk). For me he says things which
make me think in different ways than I am used to. He made me remember his
talk last year during the cyposium organised with a large group of other
people interested in cyberformance, networked performance, or whatever you
want to call it. (it's still online
http://www.cyposium.net/selected-presentations/sondheim/ )

Tomorrow evening in the frame of A symposium on remote collaboration
organised by Upstage <http://upstage.org.nz/blog/?page_id=2> and SignalRaum
Munchen for the Upstage’s 10th birthday event I will give a talk "*While
passionate, persevering, trusting and with all sense**s “on” you need to
accept …" *that will touch upon some of the things you discuss here. If you
are in München please join us there but you can also assist and participate
online. More information here

I hope some of you will join us online (my talk is at 8h10 European time).

My reaction to the article "Making Virtual Reality Less Virtual" : it's not
first of all the body language, but more the agency you can "feel" which
make the virtual real.

Annie Abrahams

Some more information about the Upstage 10th anniversary event:
Launch of UpStage v3, three performances, the networked symposium, and a
planning meeting will take place over two days on 9-10 January; online and
at venues in Munich, Germany and Wellington, NZ.

The performances are:

 * /Vita cyberformativa/ by Miljana Peric
 * /Balloon/ by Petyr Veenstra, Floris Sirag and Gabriella Sacco
 * /Etheatre Project and Collaborators./

Information about the performances and presentations is available here <
http://upstage.org.nz/blog/?p=5782>; the full programme, with time
converters, is here <http://upstage.org.nz/blog/?page_id=5734>. There will
be live links from the programme to the stages on the day.

The networked symposium takes place online and at Signalraum in Munich,
with presentations by Annie Abrahams, Isabel Valverde and Christina

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10th birthday Upstage Signalraum talk
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