[-empyre-] setting fire to avatars, collapsing realities

simon swht at clear.net.nz
Sat Jan 18 08:24:44 EST 2014

Dear Johannes and empyreans,

On 17/01/14 18:16, Johannes Birringer wrote:
>   It appears to me that many are not participating and thus I wonder whether it's the
> subject and its futility,  or other reasons.
a), b) - but I wonder about the failure or futility of 
interparticularactivity in counter-response: how does the 
interactive/participatory work break down? Or is it, as you seem to be 
suggesting of the subject, futile from the start?

c) the presupposition with which I come to work that requires my 
interaction or participation is that it's already demanding too much and 
should seek therapy. Or perhaps better said: it's asking the wrong 
question, a question I've no interest in, from before, from earlier, 
maybe in early development, and therefore for me yes the subject has an 
interparticularly-active futility that forecloses it from consideration. 
But I guess I would not be saying this unless I suspected my intolerance 
on other grounds, for other reasons, that I might not bring to 
expression because of the reflexivity of the subject area - a space of 
mirrors even if the ballet dancers are not cutting their fingers on 
them. I suspect co-dependent art works for their systematising - and 
deferring the totality - of my projection into or onto them: at best, 
merely neurotic, but then paranoia... By all means burn my avatar on 
empyre, collapse my reality, but don't ask my complicity.

Simon Taylor

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