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Daniel Temkin daniel at danieltemkin.com
Sun Jan 19 00:37:31 EST 2014

Hi all,

I'm psyched to co-host the discussion on "Glitch as HCI Conversation" this week with Curt Cloninger. Please continue the ongoing discussion, but I wanted to offer an intro to the next. 

Earlier this week, I released a short piece on this subject for NOOART, which might serve as a jumping off point for discussion. It can be read here: http://nooart.org/post/73353953758/temkin-glitchhumancomputerinteraction. It looks at glitch as "a study of the dialogue between us and the machine - how we relate to logical systems, and what happens in the breakdown between human thought and computer logic." It also looks at glitch as an algorithmic art, using repurposed algorithms to manufacture noisier, more chaotic data patterns.

A few related projects of mine: I make collaborations with the machine such as Glitchometry [1] [2]  and Dither Studies. In Glitchometry, I begin with simple shapes, altering them using a tool with its own agenda, often ending in strange hallucinatory landscapes. In Dither Studies, I provoke the machine into generating seemingly irrational patterns that walk the line between order and disorder. My programming language Entropy addresses the compulsive side of programming by allowing the programmer to write functional code, but with data that slowly decays, giving the coder a short window to get an idea across. I rewrote the classic chatbot Eliza in Entropy and created Drunk Eliza.

I'm on the road much of today, but will follow the conversation as it develops.


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