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Mon Jan 27 13:02:45 EST 2014

Thanks to Curt and Daniel for a great Conversation, and that leaves us with
Susan Ryan, Jo Berzowska, and Sarah Hamilton.  Jo needs little introduction
for her work in Wearables, and Susan has an outstanding book from MIT Press
called Garments of Paradise
<http://mitpress.mit.edu/books/garments-paradise>  Wearable Discourse in the
Digital Age, and was my co-curator for soialfabrics.org that was an
Intelligent Agent/CAA/and Leonardo Educational Forum partnership in 2008.
I got to know Sarah Hamilton as my colleague at Columbia College Chicago in
Media Theory Studies while I was the area head, and have been interested in
her work while she was also researching at the Schol of the Art Institute of
Chicago regarding political patterns and memetic culture.

That being said, with my intersection of interest with Susan and Jo being my
fascination with portable and wearable computing ever since I wrote "Towards
a Culture of Ubiquity" (2001) for the Emotional Architectures summit at the
Banff New Media Institute, combined with my firend Susan's fascination with
fashion and technology, I felt that tying display to Nathaniel and Katja's
work involving interaction, space and bodies a natural one.  Furthermore,
Sarah's work hints at the corporate/catholic body of the Internet as site of
interaction of points, vectors, and flows, as I mention in my essay "Art in
the Age of Dataflow" (2009).

Therefore, I still encourage responses to Curt and Daniel's excellent
dicusssion, but also introduce this week's guests.



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