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Let’s say that you open your computer one day and search for your paper , “The Theory of Structure.”  Instead of the seach producing your paper it produces a jpeg of an orange.
You are annoyed. There is a glitch in the system. You then try a search for the jpeg orange and the computer produces your paper.  You try this with several papers and discover that everytime you search for text it produces a jpeg and every time you search for a jpeg it produces a paper.  You try to fix the glitch but after several attempts and long call with tech support the computer is not fixed. You decide to live with it.  This produces a new language system where images represent papers.  If you are an artist you may decide that this constitutes an artwork. Why? Because it makes you view the existing systems and language structures in a new way. 	The paths in your brain are altered as much as the paths in the computer. 

In the early 90’s several artist’s programmers stated working with the internet. They had a strategy of subverting code and browsers to create alternate page layouts. JODI.org is a good example. So it Netomat.  This is also an artistic position that takes a stand against an engineered future. This might be simliar to the idea of  art vs anti-art. In this form it might be code vs anti-code.  This is also a strategy that I use in my artworks mixing the techniques of anti-art and anti-code or hacking.

On Jan 26, 2014, at 4:20 PM, Daniel Temkin <daniel at danieltemkin.com> wrote:

>  I discussed the JPEG to
> illustrate the way things we might ordinarily think of as a tool or a
> "material" can be interchangeable in the digital realm, JPEG being both an
> algorithm to (de/en)code visual data and a file format organized by/for that
> algorithm. 

G.H. Hovagimyan

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