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Welcome to the June, 2014 discussion on -empyre soft-skinned space
New Sonic Paths: Sound Studies Expanded
Moderated by Renate Ferro (US) and Timothy Murray  (US) with invited moderators Timothy Taylor (US) , Marcus Boon (CA), Jim Drobnick (CA), Asha Tamirisa (US) and Taylan Cihan (TR, US)

For the month of June Renate Ferro and Tim Murray have invited five innovative sound studies scholars to discuss emerging issues in sound studies.  The weekly schedule is below.  Marcus Boon and Nina Eldsheim we met while they were both fellows at Cornell's Society for the Humanities during 2011 to 2012's year on Sound Cultures.  Jim Drobnick we have known for years and have intersected with not only in the US but also in Toronto where he teaches and lives.  Asha Timirisa we met just last month at the HASTAC conference in Peru and Taylan Cihan has been a graduate student at Cornell in electronic music and a guest in Renate's studio courses in the art department. Thanks to Nina Eldsheim for introducing us to Timothy Taylor who will join us in Week 1.  We are thrilled that we have brought them together for this monthly sonic network and look forward to the other guests that they have introduced to -empyre-soft-skinned space to join them.

Week 1: The Creation of Labor through Action moderated by Timothy Taylor (US)
Week 2: Vibratory Matters: moderated by Marcus Boon(CA) with Nina Eldsheim  and Douglas Kahn
Week 3: Sound Art, Curating, Technology, Theory moderated by Jim Drobnick (CA) with Darren Copeland,  David Cecchetto, Marc Couroux, Christoph Cox, Kevin deForest, Ryan Alexander Diduck, Paul Dolden, Dave Dyment, Anna Friz, Seth Kim-Cohen, Andra McCartney, John Oswald, Eldritch Priest, Salome Voegelin
Week 4 Feminism Confronts Audio Technology moderated by Asha Tamirisa (US) with Rachel Devorah Trapp (US) , Monisola Gbadebo (US), Lyn Goeringer (US), Caroline Park (US) on
Improvisation East to West moderated by Taylan Cihan (TR, US)

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