[-empyre-] Creation of value through action

Timothy Taylor tdtaylor at ucla.edu
Wed Jun 4 09:41:20 EST 2014

Hi all

The creation of value through action is what I am actually concerned with.

I have come to think that cultural commodities are commodities like any other, since they are produced as commodities. And if they are produced as commodities, then the labor that produces them is productive labor in Marx’s classic sense; it’s not somehow special as “creative” labor or “immaterial” labor or “affective” labor (I have found all of these arguments unconvincing because they are ahistorical, and seem to rely mainly on the theorist's belief that things used to be different back in the day, but today, everything has changed). I do think, however, that cultural commodities differ from other sorts of commodities in how people value them. Or perhaps I should say, how people create value for them.

That’s my opening salvo!



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