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Dear Timothy, 

Thanks. so much about giving us a few more clues into your work on digital labor.  Interestingly our sister list-serve iDC has just  introduced a topic around Labor issues and capital related to networked technologies by Dr. Mark Graham.    Tim, For me your post raises interesting questions about the specificities related to production,  For example, about the labor involved that it takes a DJ to composite beats from appropriated digital sources and then distributes them via social media (twitter, Facebook, sound cloud)) as opposed to the musician who uses originally composed work, digitally edits and enhances via live performance and then distributes the work digitally.  

I am about to close this week's discussion but am hoping that those of our subscribers who are interested in Timothy Taylor's work to contact him back- channel to continue the discussion.
The broader issue of labor as related to the process of any art object/ intervention is a ripe topic and one that is timely.  

if any of you would like to devote an entire monthly discussion on this related topic let us know rtf9 at cornell dot edu or tcm1 at cornell dot edu.  Thanks so much Timothy Taylor for leading us into this month's discussion.  

I will be introducing Marcus Boon who will lead week 2 shortly. 

Renate Ferro

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