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> On 2014-06-11, at 9:59 PM, Douglas Kahn wrote:

>> >every now and then. (In the intro ESES I state my main reservation with
>> >Kittler on his engineer/inscriptive basis viz. a science/transmission
>> >approach, which means a media theory where 1/2, so to speak, of the
>> >technological base of modern media is missing, and no uncontorted route to
>> >an ecological standing).

A hybrid 'systems' approach will deal with the sustainability, biology, media, 
and technology issues quite easily if you include models suggested by the likes 
of Howard Odum, Bertalanffy, Kenneth Boulding, Capra, Varela, and so on (see 
selected bibliography below). A liberal interpretation of systems ideas can be 
quite powerful in interpreting the dynamic of human relation, especially that 
mapped over/through techno-social systems. And, if you incorporate an even more 
radical dimension to the model -- that of electromagnetic fields/flows (or even 
more radical, simply energy flows -- which would include a cosmological/quantum 
dimension -- then the discussion can range freely to address most/all(!) 
pressing and present issues including sound!

Kittler seemed to me to consider technique before considering the embeddedness 
of technique-as-codification-of-social-relation -- perhaps one reason that he 
put off North Amurikans...?

my 2-cents for today...


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