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Dear Jim, dave, Andra, John, Anna, Christoph, and David,
Wow what a line up we have for week three.  My apologies to all of you
that your initial posts got hung up in our moderation system and I'm
hoping that that will not happen again.  I just wanted to respond briefly
about two things.  Christophe I am sure you know Brandon Labelle's book
Background Noise.  He is a great friend and visitor to Cornell now and
again but his premise in the book is also that sound and dance was
siphoned off from the visual arts through the recording of history and
that indeed all three were central to one another as was the influence of
their producers on one another especially during the surge of conceptual
art during the sixties.

Anna and others the idea of individually designed sound pieces having a
conversation with one another forming a compatible sound ecosystem is an
enticing response to a problem that so many exhibitions that involve sonic
capacity have.  I love the analogy and am thinking of how awkward the
recent MOMA show' "Soundings" was.

 Not sure about David's prompt of Kim-Cohen's symbolic grid that suggests
control rather than the leaking of noise and sound mechanistic or not.
Would love to hear more about both of these really exciting points.

Welcome to you all!

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