[-empyre-] curating sound art

Salomé Voegelin mail at salomevoegelin.net
Wed Jun 18 00:31:45 EST 2014

> Both had an overwhelming number of artists, and most of the clips were short, a minute or less. 

I think part of the problem, and you mention it, with these two shows in particular but maybe with on-line curating of sound work in the general, is the amount of works presented. Just because the on-line space is technically limitless, does not mean the listener can cope or wants to cope with a limitless amount of artists. In many ways Soundworks was an example of lazy curation: delegated to nominators and then presented en masse, without developing a personal narrative and focus, and thus without the intrigue of the discreet and particular that a listener could engage with,  persuading instead with what ever has the most immediacy.

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