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Kevin deForest kevin at lux.ca
Wed Jun 18 07:38:16 EST 2014

Thanks to everyone for weighing in on the "mash-up" terminology, which 
I'm guessing might already be obsolete in dance and techno circles. 
However, my metaphorical use of the term is in terms of the unexpected 
pairings of sound that cross genres to produce a more unconventional 
mix. I like Jim's reference to Christof Migone as curator becoming more 
like a sound engineer/mixer in group sound art shows. I would not 
necessarily feel the need to negotiate too far with the artists 
participating in terms of permission to mix. I think the curator could 
own those decisions of bleeding sound and mixing as one working with a 
more conventional visually dominated group show would realize their 
spatial relationships between works.

Denise, the "voice over" exhibition sounds fascinating, especially in 
the combination of sound art with visual art that makes reference to 
sound but doesn't necessarily use it as a medium.Hope to find more on it.

Lewis, I'm interested to know more about what you consider the dividing 
line is between more pop music and sound art, because I think there is a 
growing amount of overlap between the two. Sound art recordings are also 
put out there "into the unknown" in CD and vinyl. My own bias is towards 
maintaining sound art as a more discrete category that is rooted in 
conceptual art practices from the 1960's and very conscious about the 
physical and theoretical space it is operating in.

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