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Thu Jun 19 06:15:53 EST 2014

Hi Anna, and everyone;

Yours is a great question. Some colleagues of mine, though, have found the
opposite -- where new technological innovations are frowned upon within
more traditional academic musical and artistic spheres -- and have
difficultly accessing grants and other kinds of committee-dependent
resources. At the moment, I am studying the cultural history of MIDI, and
am often surprised when I hear tell of digital instruments and tools viewed
as somehow less legitimate than 'pen and pencil' instruments. There are
cases on either side of this argument: artists doing profoundly status-quo
work with "innovative" technologies; and others expending what is possible
with more traditional instruments. An example from the latter camp that
comes to mind is Colin Stetson
<https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k9YJM2GCvk8&feature=kp>, the
Montreal-based horn player who makes unexpected and incredible noises with
minimal technological intervention. Is Stetson's the kind of innovation
you're hoping to see more of?

Best, Ryan

@ryandiduck <https://twitter.com/ryandiduck>
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