[-empyre-] Thursday, 19th: Hearing and Listening

D Ryan digimaton at gmail.com
Sat Jun 21 07:35:42 EST 2014

well Seth, valid point, my comment was inappropriate, and I apologise,
entertaining myself at someone else's expense is not clever,
or constructive, that said, although not entirely ignorant of those you
mention, I'm certainly not a philosopher, and I personally don't find such
material as enjoyable or inspiring now as it was for me in the past (there
are reasons, but this is not the time of place),  the disparaging comments stem
from unwarranted frustration and impatience with the trajectory of the
discussion. In actuality, I agree wholeheartedly with Christoph in what he
stated concerning "Human beings are OF the world, not ABOVE it or BESIDE
it" but I thought we are here to discuss issues relating to
sound/sonic/sensory culture etc. not get dragged down
a philosophical rabbit-hole. Again, I apologise for my rude behaviour.
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