[-empyre-] Sunday, 22nd: Sound Art: Curating, Technology, Theory

Jim Drobnick jim at displaycult.com
Sun Jun 22 22:43:02 EST 2014

Today we have an opportunity to revisit any of the questions or comments that have been posted over the past six days. Also, what topics deserve more discussion? What topics have been left out? 

Here is a look at what we've addressed so far over the past week:
-- Monday, 16th: Sound Curating and Exhibitions
-- Tuesday, 17th: Sound Art and Its Cultural Context
-- Wednesday, 18th: Sound Art, Technology and Innovation
-- Thursday, 19th: Hearing and Listening
-- Friday, 20th: The Sonic "Work," New Media, and Theory
-- Saturday, 21st: The Disciplinarity of Sound Art

Are there any final thoughts from the core participants? 

Best wishes, 

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