[-empyre-] Closing down Week 3, Thanks Jim Drobnick

Renate Ferro renateferro at gmail.com
Mon Jun 23 20:10:53 EST 2014

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Many thanks to Jim Drobnick for organizing and introducing us to so many new guests who specialize in sound studies:   Darren Copeland,  David Cecchetto, Marc Couroux, Christoph Cox, Kevin deForest, Ryan Alexander Diduck, Paul Dolden, Dave Dyment, Anna Friz, Seth Kim-Cohen, Andra McCartney, John Oswald, Eldritch Priest, Salome Voegelin, Jennifer Fisher, and Lewis Kaye. 

We are in Paris right now and are enjoying the sounds of Paris that are so differentiated from  home.  The humming moto, the screaming children, the regularity of garbage trucks, the fast flow and pitch of the language and so much more puts us in a pleasurably nostalgic summer mood.  Thanks to Jim for ushering Week 3 for us.  We have enjoyed it. 

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