[-empyre-] Day 1 #2: Feminism Confronts Audio Tech - Gendered rhetoric

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On 2014-06-26, at 2:59 PM, Lyn Goeringer wrote:

> we are in a semi-fortunate age when even that is starting to happen in community and makers centers and no longer reliant entirely on higher education and tech schools to learn basic electronics. 

I think this is a very important point raised by Lyn. I led a study in Canada of women working in sound technologies (music, film soundtracks, theatre and museum sound, documentary production etc). In Canada, community and campus radio stations and artist-run centres have been founded across the country since the 70s. We found that 40% of the participants in the study had got their start working with sound technologies in community and campus radio stations, and many accessed equipment and technical support -- as well as solidarity -- from community artist-run centres as well. 

Thanks for this stimulating discussion.
Andra McCartney

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