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Dear Renate and Tim,
Thank you for inviting us to moderate this week, and a huge thank you to
Monisola, Lyn, Rachel, and Caroline for offering such incredible insights--
it's been a pleasure to connect over these ideas and I hope we continue to
flesh out the ideas we have put forward. I would love to see more
discussion on feminism and technology on empyre and look forward to
participating in discussions on these topics in the future!

All best,

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> This month has just whizzed by and Tim and I sadly close down our June
> discussion Paris time so that Simon Biggs and Sue Hawkings can launch
> July's topic Australian time on the first of July.
> Asha you and your guests should feel free to finish out your discussions
> but I am sending this from the airport in Paris now as we will be offline
> until we touch down in Newark at noon EST. Time presents such an
> interesting dynamic in this list serve as anyone who has moderated a
> month's discussion has come to know.
> At this time we would like to thank our moderators for Sound Paths: Sound
> Studies Expanded.  The breadth of the month's topics on sound has been
> provocative in many ways.
> Week 1: The Creation of Labor through Action moderated by Timothy Taylor
> (US)
> Week 2: Vibratory Matters: moderated by Marcus Boon(CA) with Nina Eldsheim
> and Douglas Kahn
> Week 3: Sound Art, Curating, Technology, Theory moderated by Jim Drobnick
> (CA) with Darren Copeland, David Cecchetto, Marc Couroux, Christoph Cox,
> Kevin deForest, Ryan Alexander Diduck, Paul Dolden, Dave Dyment, Anna Friz,
> Seth Kim-Cohen, Andra McCartney, John Oswald, Eldritch Priest, Salome
> Voegelin
> Week 4:Feminism Confronts Audio Technology moderated by Asha Tamirisa (US)
> with Rachel Devorah Trapp (US) , Monisola Gbadebo (US), Lyn Goeringer (US),
> Caroline Park (US)
> Though we have touched on a number of sound related topics if any of our participants are interested in designating an entire month to extend the discussion we do have a month towards the latter part of this year open.  Just send an email our way.
> I want to take the time to give a shout out to Asha and her guests for offering a feminist perspective on sound this past week.  My travels have prevented me from having the internet access I needed to participate fully but I do have so many questions for you that extend beyond the practice of making but imply more political implications.  I would love to spend more time in nurturing topics relating to feminism and technology.  I mentioned that a couple of weeks ago I attended the FemTechNet workshop at the New School.  An international discussion involving feminist technologies would interest me and I know many of our guests so if anyone is willing to co-moderate a month with me in the future let me know as well.
> Simon and Sue thanks for taking over July.  Just a note to let you all know that -empyre will be offline in  August once again for our yearly break.
> au revoir,  Renate and Tim
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