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Michael Dieter M.J.Dieter at uva.nl
Sat Mar 1 21:58:42 EST 2014

> But how does great epub design look like? I didn't see much of it yet except to actually start 'think icon'. Could you bring up some examples here?

Am interested in this as well.

EPUB3 has a lot of new affordances, but haven't seen a lot of people
really exploring what's possible. The media overlays seem like they
could be worth messing around with. Maybe Adam has some tips here (if
he's following the list this weekend).

There's also the ongoing issue of compatibility with devices, EPUB3
had a terrible adoption rate, not sure if it's improved on the
hardware vendor side, but certainly a lot of publishers are still on
the older version.

Yeah, also reminds me, I spoke with representative of a major academic
publisher a couple of months ago about some of this stuff, after they
were really hyping their digital publishing services. I asked whether
they had moved to EPUB3 - the response was that they had no idea, it
was the first time anyone had ever asked a question like that, and so
they would have to find out and get back to me. They also had no in
house digital design team, everything was being outsourced.

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